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Reviews from Barker Roofing Customers


Susan Boone Clevenger

Excellence and professionalism! Gary and Ryan made several trips ahead of time to make sure everything was ready, and that we got the quality we wanted. They are courteous and caring, and the crew is hardworking and devoted to a professional-looking roof. It looks fantastic.

Kristin L Davenport

Thanks to Barker Roofing, we have the best-looking roof in the neighborhood. Gary listened to our list of needs and then exceeded all our expectations. Excellent quality materials and experienced, professional crew. The yard was clean, and they were careful to put everything back before the left when the job was complete. We have better quality than the roof our builder installed, and it will be an asset when we are ready to sell.


 I now have the best Roof on my street! Sometimes I drive past my house just to see it from a different view, I'm so amazed! They did all the work in the same day & the clean-up was awesome, they made sure nothing was leftover! You can't find people who work this good anymore. Gary also talked with the insurance company to make sure I was well taken care of.

Becky Nafe

 This company was fabulous. They did my roof and my barn great pricing great service I would recommend them to any of my friends thank you Barker Roofing for what you do and how you treat people.

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